Friday, July 1, 2011

Start Assist Kit - The Air Conditioner Compressor Side Kick

Your air conditioning system is driven by a Compressor. It's that noisy thing sitting inside the metal cage of your outside conditioning unit. When the thermostat recognizes a need for cool air in your home, it tells the compressor to wake up and start working. Ever time the thermostat calls for more cold air, it incrementally causes more stress on the compressor. Over time, this stress builds up and takes a toll on the equipment, causing it to become less reliable, break down occasionally, or fail completely.

So what's the solution? Well, until someone discovers the fountain of youth for equipment, a Start Assist Kit will do wonders. A Start Assist Kit helps give the compressor an extra boost when starting up (compare it to a morning cup of coffee) to help relieve some of the stress from hard start-ups. The kit also helps get it up to speed quicker than usual. By using power from the start assist kit, your air conditioner's compressor can relax and move at a reasonable pace to satisfy your cooling needs. While the assist kit is recommended for systems five years and older, all air conditioners (and their compressors) would benefit from using it; we highly recommend one! For more info on compressors and Air Conditioning systems, click here.

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